Best Movies that Bring the Harsh Realities of Having Affairs to Life

Affairs may seem exciting at first but it has a lot of serious damage. Once caught, it can ruin your partner, it can ruin your kids, it can ruin friendships, and it can ruin reputations. Affairs and adultery reek of scandal and drama and it is no wonder that Hollywood has invested in a lot of movies handling this sensitive area. If you are one of the many people who love these storylines as a guilty pleasure, then here are some titles that you should look out for the next time you watch movies online .


Connie is a regular housewife and mother but has a monotonous and somewhat distant relationship with her husband, Edward. She meets Paul during a windstorm, who takes care of her when she got injured. She soon starts an affair with Paul. Edward sees the signs and hires a private investigator to confirm his wife’s betrayal and has to come to terms with the knowledge that Connie was, indeed, unfaithful.

Last Night

Joanna and Michael seems like the perfect married couple. Trouble stirs when Michael takes a business trip out of town with his flirty and gorgeous associate. This causes Joanna to be suspicious and at the night her husband left, she agrees to meet her ex-boyfriend for some drinks.

Little Children

Sarah is a mother stuck in an unhappy marriage and is fed up with her husband’s porn addiction. Brad has a cold relationship with his wife because his wife is fed up of his immaturity. The two meet at the pool and started having play dates for their kids and soon, they start having an affair to escape their marital problems.


Catherine is paranoid hat her husband David is having an affair with a younger woman. She decides to hire a call girl, Chloe, to test her husband.

Indecent Proposal

Diana and David are happily married but they are also in huge debt. When a billionaire gets attracted to Diana, he offers the couple a million dollars in exchange for one night with her.

The Other Woman

Carly thinks she has the perfect boyfriend until she finds out that he is married. She reluctantly teams up with the wife to get their revenge. However, they also find out that there is a third woman and they befriend her and plot together to get their revenge with the playboy they once loved.

Hall Pass

Two wives decided to give their husbands a “hall pass” from their marriage for a week as a way to revitalize their marriage. Meaning they get to do whatever they want for a week, no questions asked. The husbands are excited with this newfound freedom but soon find that things do not always go to plan.

In the Mood for Love

This Chinese iconic film is about next-door neighbors who find out that their spouses are having an affair with each other. The neighbors form a deep friendship but also tries their best to refrain from making the same mistake their partners did.

I Am Love

Emma left her hometown in Russia to marry a wealthy and powerful businessman in Italy. However, given the powerful stature of her husband, he is often distracted by his business and she soon found herself in the sidelines. She then starts an affair with the chef of the house to cope with her husband’s neglect.

Match Point

Chris is a tennis instructor who became close to Tom, one of his wealthy students through their love for opera. Tom invites him to watch an opera show with the family where he meets Tom’s sister, Chloe. Chris marries Chloe in order to secure a job with the wealthy family. However, he later falls for Nola, Tom’s girlfriend, and the affair they have threatens his newfound wealth and social status.