The Insidious Series: Looking into the Further

There is a multitude of horror movies available for the movie aficionado’s viewing pleasure, or simply those who can’t get enough of the adrenaline-pumping vibes that transpire along with the scenes of such genre. Mainly, when people think of horror movies, there are supernatural elements associated with the characters or even the setting that is the focal point of the titular movies. Residents and visitors will surely be affected by the multitude of surprises, especially those designed to keep the heart pumping several miles a minute. More importantly, viewers notice the history, the incidents that trigger the hauntings, and how to overcome them and get out alive. The simplest way to describe the horror movies is this: expect the unexpected.

One of the notable titles worth mentioning, especially when one wants to watch movies online, is the Insidious series. Currently, there are four movies related to the series, with the first two films following one case and the remaining two being close to prequels. An ability that has been the highlight of the series is astral projection, also known as the capability to move one’s spirit from the physical body to another place. In the case of the series, let’s just say that there are places that are far more bizarre than what some stories may notice.

That One Special Place

The main astral plane that has been the focal point for the movie series is the Further, with the entrance symbolized by the red door. It can be the alternate world from the physical version, aside from the concept of time being nonexistent there. More relevantly, the inhabitants of the Further are spirits that are driven by their own desires of having to possess bodies of those who visited the place, though the intentions diverge one way or another. The featured antagonists of the Further have motives that are far from noble, though still interesting concepts in case someone needs a flash of inspiration.

Resolution of the issue, mainly through the discovery of the history behind the existence of those spirits, and even to overcome them, is a must to make it out alive, for both body and soul to reconnect to each other. Plus, the characters get to see the spirits of deceased loved ones and comprehend the final message before the passing to the other side. That aspect is a soul-stirring lesson of the movie, that it is best to appreciate the people whom they love so dearly and move on with such pleasant memories. After all, the strength of love is one way to overpower the darkness that cloaks the Further.

The Interesting Find

The Further is one of the several main aspects of the Insidious series that is unique, providing the challenge that compels the plots of the four movies to keep going and to tie the stories together. So far, the pieces of the puzzle pertaining to Elise’s life have been put together, though the entire picture of the Further may expand even further, considering that there may be the fifth movie in the works, still connected to the series. Further details about the upcoming movie are yet to be announced, but what matters is that die-hard fans may not need to wait any longer for the continuation to go on.

All in all, the Insidious movie series is worth giving a go, especially when going for the ‘watch movies online’ route, a break from the usual routine in life. All that is left is to get some popcorn, chips, ice cream bites and fizzy drinks, together with the company of friends and family, for a pleasurable movie experience right at home.